Friday, March 15, 2013

Writing Tips: Podcasts for Writers

By Jacob Donley

I'm currently listening to a couple different podcasts right now, The Dead Robots' Society  and I Should Be Writing . Both shows give some great advice about writing, publishing, and marketing. One thing that I really like is that both shows have many episodes in which they interview authors, editors, or agents. You really get a great perspective on not only the craft of writing, but also, there is some great information about the publishing industry as a whole.

Another aspect of these shows comes in the way of networking. The hosts of the shows go to a collection of Cons (Conventions), such as DragonCon, WorldCon, BaltiCon, and many others. These are great places to meet other writers, editors, and to immerse yourself in the genre that you are interested in writing by going to panels and other events.

Podcasts are a great way to deliver information and even entertainment to the world. Using this type of platform for delivering information on the writing process, tips, brainstorming, and news has been wildly successful. Authors have begun to use the podcast method to release ‘podiobooks’ for free. This has proven to be a great marketing strategy in building a fan base.

I recommend that anyone who is interested in writing, whether for pleasure or profit, should check out these podcasts. Click on the links to go to their prospective websites for contact info and to download or subscribe to their podcasts.