Pricing and Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of cover design by Kayla Curry

The designer will make a completely original image to the best of her abilities for the client. If any stock images are to be used, the client will approve all free images found on websites by the designer. All stock images that must be paid for will be paid for by the client and sent to the designer.

The designer will send the client mock ups for the client to make changes as they wish. The designer is prepared to send as many mock ups as needed until the look desired by the client is achieved. The client has the right to cancel services if the client feels the designer is not meeting their needs. The designer has the right to cancel services if the designer feels that she cannot deliver the image the client needs.

The designer retains all rights to the work until payment is received in full. At the time of payment, all rights will revert to the client.

Any images the designer owns used in the work may be altered and reused by the designer unless otherwise agreed upon by the designer and the client. It may cost more if the client wishes to take ownership of an image owned by the designer.

Any images provided by the client will remain in the client’s ownership.

The designer will retain the right to display the completed images in her online portfolio, unless otherwise specified by the client. The designer will wait until the client is ready to “reveal” the cover publicly.

The client is encouraged to submit a testimonial that the designer may display on her website if the client is happy with the services provided.

The designer will provide all file sizes requested by the client.

Charges are as follows:
*Prices are a guideline only, if you need a more complicated cover I may quote you a higher price, but I do not see any reason the price should be higher than $125.
Pre-made samples: $50 unless otherwise marked.

Ebook only: $60

Print only: $75

Ebook and print: $80 (same front cover image)

Extended Alterations to pre-made samples: $20-$30 depending on the level of alterations.

I also enter design contests on 99designs. This helps me keep these prices low. Thanks for your interest, and please query me with a concept and I can give you a proper quote. Write to