Friday, March 29, 2013

Author Interviews: Rose Caraway

By Jacob Donley

Rose Caraway is an Erotica writer and podcaster who I became aware of through networking channels. She is a talented author who definitely has a flair for the theatre, evident from her audio endeavours. I was looking forward to hearing her answers to the interview questions I sent. She’s full of energy and shows it in her answers.

[RC] Hello Jacob (my finely bearded friend) and Kayla! Thanks so very much for allowing me to interview for Fiction Features Monthly  magazine, what a privilege! And a big hello  to the rest of the world; this is Rose Caraway.

[FFM] Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

[RC] Sure. I’m the Writer/Voice/Co-Producer for “The Kiss Me Quick’s” podcast and also the Voice/Co-Producer/Story-Picker for “The Sexy Librarian” podcast. Both erotica podcasts are found usually hanging around in one of the top-ten spots in the iTunes Sexuality  category.
I keep active by working at a Martial Arts studio and am found throughout the week going toe-to-toe with the guys, or rolling around on the ground getting my Jujitsu on. When I’m not kickin’ ass or getting mine handed back to me, I am reading, writing and podcasting. Reading is my passion and writing is my dream.
My absolute favorite genres are horror and erotica. When I write, the two separate genres tend to blend and it is so much fun! My writing as I grew up stayed carefully tucked in journals and binders because I was afraid that someone would think I was insane. Really Rose, you want the devil to do that to you?
Only until a couple of years ago, with plenty of encouragement from my hubby, did I begin to appreciate that I wasn’t the only person who had such lurid thoughts. I mean, Stephen King wrote about a high school introvert discovering her period, being bullied by cool-girls and their flying tampons, then she’s covered in pig’s blood at her prom and kills half the student body and her own deranged mother! Ew! and Wow! To this day, Carrie is my favorite book of all time. And don’t even get me started about Pennywise eating innocent boy’s armpits in the sewers! “It” scared the shit out of me. The only thing lacking from King’s books for me was the lack of sex.
I am the oldest of four kids and both my parents worked. I was raised by numerous neighborhood babysitters until I was old enough to do the job myself. Like Anne Shirley, I lived in my head, 24/7.
I have listened to other erotica podcasts and found them fun, but too P.C. and, often times, childish. I loved reading Johanne Lindsey’s “Once a Princess”, but Jean M. Auel’s, “The Clan of The Cave Bear” series was more satisfying. I’m not bad-mouthing or criticizing other podcasts, please understand. In our minds, we think and imagine many things that we wouldn’t dare publicly admit to. Sex is so versatile, and I like to write about it with what I call, a “ POW! Right-in-the-solar-plexus-without-any-fear ” style. I don’t concern myself with worrying about whether or not I’m offending someone. My recipe for an entertaining erotica story is any combination of the following ingredients; fun, excitement, fright, kink and sometimes, a dash of taboo.

[FFM] Can you share a little of your current work with us?

[RC] Absolutely! Currently I am finishing up the next episode for “The Sexy Librarian” podcast; Kay Jaybee’s short story, Candy at Christmas , which is loaded with kinky fun and will be released this week for the holiday season.
The next episode for “The Kiss Me Quick’s” podcast is a two-part story called, Outland 1313 and will finally be released this month as well. It’s my first attempt at Sci-Fi and it is one erotic adventure all Lurid Listeners will love!
I have also gotten my e-book, Hypnotized  put into an audio format and it will be available to purchase in Audible soon. And for those listeners familiar with Eddie “The Auger” Harley, from the KMQ’s Suck the Line and Rim Jobs , I am currently putting the final edits together and will be releasing the novella, Tool  this month.
Aside from my own works, I have also put Michelle Fox’s e-book, Werewolf Ménage: Pack Justice  into audio format and it will be available in Audible in a couple of weeks. Devon Vaughn Archer has also contacted me and I am in the middle of putting his book, The Hitman’s Woman  into audio format as well!
I am so excited to be this busy and will be blasting announcements all over my Facebook, Twitter pages and of course on both podcasts when these upcoming projects are available! Woo!

[FFM] Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

[RC] The hardest part for me personally was deciding which short story to go with and ended up looking at my download count. Most of the KMQ’s listeners seemed to enjoy Hypnotized best. Then it came to where to publish. Stupid Fish Productions took care of that. Having my own publishing company was loads easier and much faster than going through traditional publishers.

[FFM]Can you tell us about any upcoming books or projects?

[RC] Along with everything I mentioned earlier, I am also writing my first novel, Dirty Witch. This is Lexi Vohen’s story. Lexi is a character from the KMQ’s 4-part series called Succubus. Lexi is a feisty, petite farm-girl, full of high-jinks and she has a secret super-power. She is going to be rescued from her cruel father and shipped to a U.S. Army base in North Africa for testing. Completely out of her element, Lexi acclimates and learns to develop her power. But there is one problem. Colonel Grahm, who doesn’t want to babysit, won’t give Lexi his first name. It is against Grahm’s code. Lexi won’t have it. She aims to get under the stoic colonel’s skin any way she can so he will reveal his name. But Grahm has other problems. The sun-kissed skin and long golden hair that teases his calm are weakening his walls of protocol. And he is suspicious that the Army has secret plans for this free-spirited farm girl.

[FFM] Who designed the covers?

[RC] The cover art for my shows quickly became time consuming for me. So my hubby, who is also my silent co-producer, has a keen eye takes charge of all the beautiful artwork, of course with my suggestive input.

[FFM] Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

[RC] Yes. There are many talented and intelligent Erotica authors out there and along with my stories, I seek those writers and musicians that I feel the audience will love and want more from. Erotica is hitting the mainstream head-on and I am happy to be a part of it. And my success wouldn’t exist without an audience. Finding an audience is every artist’s goal. No matter how big or small, all of us want to reach someone that will share our love and passion. I hold my audience with a loving and protective hand. I adore them, for they allow me to continue doing what I have always dreamed of doing. So a big hug and kiss through this screen goes to each and every one of the folks out there that have even given me a single precious moment of their time.