Friday, March 29, 2013

Fiction Features: The New Adult Genre

There is an up and coming genre that has recently had some major advances in the world of publishing. That genre is New Adult.

New Adult books appeal to the mature YA audience and the Adult audience. The characters are usually college aged and are starting to expand their view of the world.

This genre is important to me because it represents the important transition stage from teen to adult. I tend to write in this genre, because that transition took place in my own life not too long ago. I also feel that college age students are beginning to read for fun more and more with the e-reader age dominating right now.

People say that there is no place for New Adult in the bookstores. I love book stores and I love real books, but we have to face the facts. And the facts are:

1. Genres like "New Adult" are here to stay. With bold indies breaking into the market, there is no one to tell them that they "can't" market their book as a New Adult book. Indies don't have rules like that.

2. Publishers are having to change their game due to the indie revolution. If only indies have books listed as New Adult and the genre keeps gaining popularity, publishers will need to make sure they have books listed in that genre too.

3. Once the publishers realize they need to make the change, the book stores will have to change too. All it takes is adding a new section between YA and Adult. That's it. Moving around some shelves isn't too bad. They may have to order a new sign or two, but really, it's not a huge change.

Check out this awesome site all about New Adult, NA Alley, to learn more!