Friday, March 15, 2013

Book Reviews: Legion by Brandon Sanderson

By Jacob Donley

LEGION by Brandon Sanderson

Stephen Leeds has some sort of mental condition that allows him to see and communicate with hallucinations. Each hallucination, or aspects as he calls them, have a particular skill that helps him to solve problems. In LEGION, a novella, Stephen is approached by woman who is after a missing inventor who created a camera of remarkable ability. Stephen accepts the case and begins to unravel the mystery behind the inventor and the camera’s disappearance, using his aspects to help him learn specialized knowledge and linguistics along the way.

I really enjoyed this read. I’m currently in a Master’s program for General Psychology, and this story brought up all kinds of questions having to do with his condition. Sanderson did a great job presenting interesting characters that kept me hooked into the story to its conclusion. This is a good story for anyone who is interested in a modern setting book with some fantastical or sci-fi elements.