Friday, March 15, 2013

Fiction Features: Book Releases: January 2013

By Jacob Donley and Kayla Curry

BLESSED BY A DEMON’S MARK by E.S. Moore ebook release January 1, 2013
Amazon touts this book to be released, 12/31/2012, but I’m putting it in for the first of January, 2013 to start off the new year. So, if you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this third installment in the Kat Redding Series, head to amazon on the 31st of December to grab, E.S. Moore’s BLESSED BY A DEMON’S MARK.

A MEMORY OF LIGHT by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson, January 8, 2013
The much anticipated final novel in The Wheel of Time series is almost here. Brandon Sanderson will conclude the series that was created by Robert Jordan before his passing in 2007. The many plot lines in this fantasy epic including Rand, Mat, and Perrin will be wrapped up in A MEMORY OF LIGHT. Rand's story will come to a close, but how will it end, with joy or sadness?

ICE FORGED by Gail Z. Martin ebook release January 8, 2013
The overwhelming ratings on Goodreads shows that Gail Z. Martin writes novels that keep an audience coming back for more. While reviewers tend to take issue with some under developed characters and lacking dialogue, there appears to be no lack of support. I intend to buy some of these novels to get firsthand knowledge. Check out her upcoming book, ICE FORGED, releasing on 01/08/2013.

SEVEN KINGS by John R. Fultz ebook releases January 15, 2013
After reading multiple reviews on the book SEVEN PRINCES, indicating that the story was predictable, I also found just as many reviews and comments stating that they loved the series and eagerly await the sequel. As it so happens, the sequel, SEVEN KINGS, will be available 01/15/2013.

THE KEY INHERITANCE by Jen McConnel releases January 15, 2013
 Ten years ago, a trip to Scotland taught Lou more about herself than she could have imagined. Now, at 36, she’s returned to the rainy land to settle accounts. She struggles to pick up the broken pieces of her life, and nothing is what she remembers. Something dark waits in Scotland for Lou, and this time, she’s not sure who to turn to. Lou must settle her own accounts before she can take on the malicious spirit who is targeting her family, but is she already too late? THE KEY INHERITANCE is a companion novella to THE BURNING OF ISOBEL KEY, continuing the story a decade later.