Friday, June 14, 2013

Looking for a future publisher? Try mine!

Moonstone is in the queue over at Martin Sisters Publishing. We'll be prepping it for release very soon. Before the second book in the series is released, however, I must give a shout out to my awesome publisher.

Martin Sisters Publishing is a quickly growing small publisher that really cares about the books they publish.

I found this publisher through Writer's Market. If you don't have a current Writer's Market and you are planning on going with traditional publication, you really need to pick one up.

MSP is run by two sisters who do most of the work themselves. They are good at what they do and they are passionate about putting out great books from all sorts of genres. Also, like a true publisher, they take care of all costs associated with publishing and they walk you through the entire process.

You can learn more about them and all the awesome books they've published on their website You can also visit and follow their Martin Sisters Book blog which will soon be busy with posts from the authors who have worked with MSP.

Also, don't forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ways to get featured or tweeted!

Hello! I've come up with a new way to help promote you and your books!

There are actually two ways on my Get Featured page over on Paranormal Lounge.

The first is a feature on the Paranormal Lounge blog, and it is for paranormal books only. Just fill out the form and I'll be in touch.

The second is a tweet to my 2,000+ followers on twitter. The tweet can be about any book or writing related subject and you can send me a tweet once per week. The only thing I ask in return is that you follow me on twitter. I will follow you back too, which is a win/win situation.

Both of these services are FREE, but please respect the rules. Do not try to get your mystery featured on Paranormal Lounge and do not send me more than one tweet per week.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you on these forms and can't wait to help you expand your reach!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Importance of Having a Blog

In the land of book marketing, blogging is an important part of expanding your reach and CONNECTING with readers. Here are some reasons you need to blog if you have a book out:

  1. It helps you practice writing more. You may not be writing the next best seller, but blog posts are a great way to practice your writing and improve on the craft.
  2. You can direct people to important blog posts easily on twitter and facebook. Posting a huge article on Facebook is not cool and posting a huge article on twitter is impossible. So, that's why you need a blog.
  3. You can connect with your readers through the comments field. Also, if they like what they read, they'll come back for more!
  4. CROSS PROMOTION!! Yeah. If you can host other authors on your blog, they will be mor elikely to host you in return. That expands your reach and your audience!
  5. It's nice to get things off your chest every now and then. Don't go on a rant every time you post, but sometimes it's okay to let out a little steam.
  6. You can tackle important industry issues and let people know where you stand.
  7. It increases your discoverability. The more places you are, the more likely you are to be discovered.
Honestly, I come across authors every day who don't have their own blog, and I find it surprising every time. Up-keeping a blog shows you are serious about expanding your platform as an author. Also, with a blog, you can participate in the upcoming Blogger Book Fair.

If you are thinking about setting up a blog I would recommend Blogger for beginners. The interface is easy to navigate and everything is simplified.

If you STILL don't want to take the time to actually set up a blog, let me do it for you! Check out the details on my gig: HERE.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blogger Book Fair!!!

Check in to the Blogger Book Fair,

and book your trip to far away places!

July 22-26, 2013

Authors and Book Bloggers,

Sign ups for the July 2013 Blogger Book Fair will close on June 15 at midnight central time, so get your registrations in to participate!

As of 5/31/2013, we have:

Authors: 89
Books: 233
Bloggers: 14

If you haven't yet registered, you can find all of the information on the Blogger Book Fair page.
  • Check out the Code of Conduct
  • Fill out either the Author Sign Up form or the Blogger Sign Up form (Deadline June 15)
  • Kayla will match everyone with hosts and send out this information to you after sign-ups close
  • Check out the events--all authors are eligible to participate in the events, and if you have an event you'd like to host, just fill out the simple Event Sign Up Form--all of this information can be found on the Events! page (Deadline July 8).
  • If you're interested in hosting a giveaway to drive traffic to your site, sign up via the Giveaway Sign Up form (Deadline July 15).
  • And if your book will be FREE or $0.99 for the duration of the Fair, you can sign up on the Free and $.99 Book Sign Up Forms (Deadline July 15).

  • Events:

    as of 5/31/2013

    Art Fiction Gala hosted by Lucie Smoker

    Does your fiction promote the visual arts--through featuring an artist, painting, sculpture, performance art, etc? Then, consider entering Lucie's Art Fiction Gala.
    The Art Fiction Gala is a virtual celebration of fiction that highlights the visual arts. Dress up in your finest, pick up some friends--a bottle of wine--and sample mind-blowing fiction that crosses the line between literary and visual art. Plus a gallery of art featuring reading.

    Three Wishes hosted by Kirstin Pulioff

    Introduce your characters to the world.
    Kirstin Pulioff invites you to ask your main character, "If you found a magic genie lamp, what would be your three choices?"

    Flash Fiction Challenge II hosted by Thomas Winship

    Get ready to exercise your flash fiction muscles.
    For the Flash Fiction Challenge II, Thomas Winship will provide an opening line.
    From there, entrants will craft a flash fiction piece of approx 500 words. Entries will be displayed on Thomas' blog Vaempires during the BBF, spread out evenly across the five days, in order of receipt.
    Snapshot Synopsis Contest hosted by Fel at The Peasants Revolt
    Challenge: chisel your synopsis down to 50 words or less.
    Voting will be open throughout the fair for visitors to vote on their favorite Snapshot Synopsis.
    More information & entry instructions

    Reader's Choice Awards hosted by Sherri at Shut Up & Read

    All books registered for the Blogger Book Fair are automatically entered into the running for the Reader's Choice Awards. Voting will be open from July 22 to July 25.

    Indie Soap Box Files hosted by Shah Wharton

    Take a turn on the Soap Box.
    Shah invites speculative fiction writers to write a guest post about being an indie (or hybrid) writer.
    Restrictions: Speculative fiction writers only

    Monster Menagerie hosted by Noree at Trip the Eclipse

    What's your favorite monster or supernatural creature?
    Feature your creature in a flash fiction piece (500-800) words to be featured on Trip the Eclipse. Visitors will vote on their favorite piece.

    Ways to Help:
    Blogger Book FairDonate to the Blogger Book Fair via the BBF Donation Fund. To help get the word out about BBF, we would like to place ads on Facebook, Goodreads and other places, but to do, so we need a little help. We'd also like to have some BBF sponsored giveaways, so money donated would also go toward prizes. NO MONEY WILL BE KEPT BY ANY ORGANIZER OR PARTICIPANT.

    Spread the word! Share the Fair on your social media accounts and show off the Blogger Book Fair logo in your blog's sidebar.

    Join us on:

  • Facebook
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