Friday, March 15, 2013

Book Reviews: 14 by Peter Clines

By Jacob Donley

14 by Peter Clines

14 is a mystery adventure novel with a sci-fi twist. The mystery black-light in Nates new apartment would have been fine by itself, but as Nate begins to learn about all of the other mysteries his new apartment building has, it becomes his duty to come to the bottom of it.

Clines does a magnificent job of introducing a mystery and leading us along to its conclusion. I couldn’t wait to find out some new and strange quirk to the old building, and learning the reason behind the mystery seemed to bring on a thousand new questions that I needed answered. I don’t usually read this type of book, I’m usually a traditional fantasy reader, but this book is making me a fan of the urban fantasy/sci-fi or whatever genre it falls in exactly. It seemed to have elements that could put it one of 3 genres and none of them at the same time. It’s a great read that I full heartedly recommend.