Friday, March 29, 2013

Covers that Grab You: Jacob's Picks

Covers, despite the old adage, "don't judge a book by its cover," are an extremely important aspect of publishing in any format. If someone doesn't like the cover, they are less likely to pick up the book off the shelf or click the buy button on Amazon and other online retailers. Below are my three covers that I feel are Great and grab my attention:

Abney Park's THE WRATH OF FATE, by Robert Brown, has a detailed and interesting cover. It gives you a feel for what you are going to expect in the book and uses catchy imagery with well colored images. I saw this cover and thought, this book looks like it would be an exciting adventure.

LOCUS ORIGIN, by Christian Matari, spells out from the start what genre it is. I can tell in less than a second, I'm dealing with a Science Fiction story. The images are of great detail and quality that makes me want to know more about the future of mankind.

A MINOR MAGIC, by Justin Macumber, has a great, visually appealing cover. The vibrant color of the females hair clashes with the bright blue of the title. These two vibrant colors then overlay the stark grays of the background. The cover uses great use of white space. Also, the images give you a hint of what the book will about. You know, here, that there is more than likely going to be a fantasy element.