Friday, March 15, 2013

About Us: Jacob Donley

Born in Emington, Illinois in 1982, Jacob became interested in writing and reading in junior high, but really, writing became a passion in high school. He was pushed to be creative and realized that he wanted to continue to express himself through words. Jacob decided to continue his writing education at Illinois State University in which he received his Bachelor's degree in English in 2007.

Since graduating with his Bachelor’s degree, he has continued his writing in Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Poetry. His current works include the short stories A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires) , New Beginning   (Chronicles of a Rock Troll) , Tracer’s Lament , To Kill A King (The Crumbling Kingdom) ,  and Tears of Blood (White Line Falling) . He also has a book of poetry currently available, A Memory Road . His first novel, Shindarin Rising , is currently in development.

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