Friday, February 1, 2013

What should be in your digital promo arsenal?

Digital promotional materials are things that you want your fans to share on Facebook and other social media sites.

Digital promotional materials should be visually pleasing, funny, or clever. Or all three if you can work that in. They need to grab your attention. I have created all these images myself, and it's pretty easy if you have photoshop skills or a good program to make jpegs with.

Here is an example of a Tag Line Promo:

If you post something like this on your book's Facebook page, people will be able to trace it back there after it's been shared. This may get you more followers and more people who notice your book.


Infographics tell people about your book in numbers. Here's an example:

These are nice because you can easily work in your book cover and good stats about your book. How do you find these stats like "How many times____ is mentioned in the book."? It's simple with a kindle or the kindle app. Just type in the word or phrase you want to highlight in your infographic and it will bring up all the instances it's mentioned in your book. Simply count and record for use in your infographic.

Your infographic can be posted on Facebook, your website, or any number of digital media outlets. Be sure to mention any awards or best selling numbers in your infographic.

Blog Button:

If you have a blog dedicated to your book or series, you'll need a blog button. An image that people can post on their blogs that links back to yours. I'm in the process of designing a new one for my Mystic Stones Blog. I'll post it when I get to it.

Desktop images:

People like cool backgrounds on their computers, so make sure you offer your fans the chance to display their love for your book on their computer. I chose to do one for each month, making a desktop calendar. You can put tag lines in or quotes. Just have fun with it. Here's an example of mine:

Notice there is white space for desktop icons. It's not essential, but you don't want the important parts covered by icons, so take that into effect.

Other Digital Promotional materials are:

  • Facebook Cover images (sometime the title portion of your cover will work for this)
  • Facebook page profile image. On your personal Facebook page, you'll want your photo, but on your book page, you'll probably want the cover image or something that will make people remember your book.
  • Character pictures. (You'll have to be careful with this. Using pictures of famous people, or anyone for that matter, without their permission is illegal. If you buy the images, that's okay. Make sure there is a model release with it. To be thrifty and also keep my reader's imaginations open I've created images with blackout silhouettes. The silhouettes are then incorporated into a background that conveys the personality of each character. Take a look:

There are lots of ways you can do character images. Having someone sketch your characters is also popular. Personally, I like to leave specific details to the reader to imagine while they read which is why I use silhouettes. You can find some silhouettes and lots of other images on Pixabay. Pixabay is a site that offers images for personal or commercial use for no fee what-so-ever. The images are available to anyone for no cost. You don't even need an account to get them.

What sort of digital promotional materials do you use?

Next week we'll talk about branding, why it's important and how to do it. Thanks for stopping by!