Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hometown Marketing: TV Exposure

Yesterday we talked about local newspaper exposure.  Today we are moving on to TV exposure.

Now, when you send out your press releases, be sure to send them to local TV stations. Landing a spot on the news is a big thing. If you are contacted by  your local TV station, or any TV station for that matter, be sure to take advantage of any exposure they offer you.

In my case, I was contacted by my local news station via email. They wanted to do a story on me and they asked if they could send a reporter to my house. I was ecstatic and told them that would be fine. The appointment was set for a few days later, but I instantly started to prepare.

They didn't give me the questions they'd be asking, but I figured I could practice the ones that were general. So I came up with my own set of questions and began to practice answering them out loud. I also cleaned my house from top to bottom and spent hours on figuring out what I was going to wear.

When they actually came by to interview and film me, I felt ready. I was still nervous, but ready. It went pretty well for my first TV appearance, and I think if I ever do another one I'll be even more prepared and perhaps a bit more relaxed.

As for radio exposure, I haven't had the opportunity to be featured on the radio yet. Our radio stations are mostly music only around here, they read off the news, but they only interview musicians and singers.

Do any of you have experience in radio/TV exposure?

Tomorrow we'll talk about word-of-mouth marketing!