Monday, October 1, 2012

What a Piece of Jerky! by Jacob Donley

What a Piece of Jerky! by Jacob Donley
I paused with the piece of half eaten beef jerky to my mouth. I felt like I was in the movie Alive. My plane has just crashed. Josh stood in the doorway with a big grin on his face.

“Tim, how are ya?”

“I’m doing ok. Just waitin’ for the host to show up.”

“Wait no longer. I have arrived.”

“You’re the host?”

“That’s right. I made some good stock market moves in the last five years.”

“Huh, whadoya know. Last time I saw you, you were workin’ the counter at Fat Burger, flippin’ me off.” I looked closer and could see the tailored suit now, the slicked back hair. He reminded me of a member of the Family in a bad mafia movie.

“It’s good to see you’re enjoying the snacks.”

I looked down at my beef jerky. “Ya, it’s not bad. The taste is a little different, but it does the job.”

“Well, as for the middle finger, I don’t hold grudges. It wouldn’t have worked out between me and her anyway.”

“Good, I’ve thought about it over the years, and it was bad taste.”

The smile on his face had actually gotten bigger since entering the room. He seemed to walk with a swagger. The clumsy teenager was gone, and the cocky businessman walked in those shoes now.

Josh reached into the small bowl of jerky and took a big bite out of the meat. He let out a small sigh. “It’s the best jerky I’ve ever had. I made this myself. I found the recipe in France of all places, such exotic foods there.”

“Sounds kind of artsy fartsy to me. It tastes ok though.”

“Good, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. It’s made from some of the most delicious meat in the world. Jerky is probably not the best way to serve this dish, but it works on short notice.”

“Oh really, what is it made of?”

“The woman that you stabbed me in the back with…my Ex.”

I looked down at the jerky. I looked up to see a miniature bat flying at my fac…

Like Jacob Donley's flash fiction? This is his first crack at it. He's also a poet and is working on finishing up his first novel, a fantasy titled Shindarin Rising. Check out what else he has going on at the links below!