Monday, October 1, 2012

Entries: Read and Vote!

Take a look at the entries for the first Pepper Press flash fiction challenge!

As a reminder, the contestants were to write a flash fiction horror piece 500 words or less following the prompt: Somehow include cannibalism with oblivious diners (meaning a person or people who don't know they are eating human flesh).

Read both of them and vote for your favorite!

Steak Special by Thomas Winship

What a Piece of Jerky! by Jacob Donley

And now for this month's challenge! This month is a "Bad Writing" contest. This can be  in any genre, write the most cliche story you can in 500 words or less. Remember that "Bad Writing" in this case does not mean bad grammar, punctuation, ect. It is more for bad plot and bad characters. Think wacky--not tacky.

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